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Scott R. Diehl, Ph.D. * - Newark - Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) are analyzed to understand molecular causes of disease and individual differences in drug responses. High-throughput bioinformatics and complex statistical genetic methods are used for current research on oral cancer, periodontal disease, orofacial clefting; pharmacogenomics of pain and drug responses.

Jonathan Foulds, Ph.D. - Piscataway - Tobacco addiction, smoking cessation, health effects of tobacco, tobacco dependence treatment, psychological and behavioural effects of nicotine and nicotine withdrawal.

Richard D. Howells, Ph.D. * - Newark - Molecular analysis of opioid receptor structure and function. Opioid receptors are G protein-coupled receptors on the cell surface of neurons that mediate signal transduction pathways activated by endogenous opioid peptides and opiate drugs, such as morphine. Molecular consequences of opioid addiction are being investigated via gene arrays and proteomics.

Paul Manowitz, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Identification of genes predisposing to substance abuse and other human diseases of behavior. This research includes studies of tissue culture and animal models as well as humans to elucidate the genetic, molecular biological,and biochemical bases of these diseases.

Dmitriy Markov, Ph.D. * - Stratford - My research is focused on regulation of mitochondrial transcription and transcription-coupled processes and how they change in response to oxidative stress in neuronal tissue. Email: markovdm@umdnj.edu

Patricia K. Sonsalla , Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Animal models of Parkinson`s disease and the mechanisms associated with the neurodegeneration and neurochemistry of dopamine neurons within the basal ganglia. We are studying the role of endogenous dopamine and oxidative products in the degeneration of these neurons under conditions of a metabolic stress.

Andrew P. Thomas, Ph.D. * - Newark - 1) Calcium-dependent signal transduction in response to hormones and growth factors, and 2) the effects of cocaine and alcohol on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling. We use digital imaging and laser scanning confocal microscopy to measure calcium and monitor organelle function in living cells; ion channel electrophysiology; molecular biology.

Jill M. Williams, M.D. - Piscataway - Dr. Williams is the recipient of a NIDA K23 award, Nicotine Dependence Treatment in Psychiatric Comorbidity. Dr. Williams currently conducts research to study treatments to help patients with schizophrenia quit smoking and is recruiting subjects for a high dose nicotine patch trial.

Jiang H. Ye, M.D. * - Newark - Patch-clamp electrophysiological techniques combined with pharmacological tests are used on neurons in brain slices and acutely isolated (enzymatically and mechanically) neurons in attempt to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying: 1) general anesthetics, and 2) alcohol addiction.

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