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GSBS Research Topics: STEM CELLS

Hristo Houbaviy, Ph.D. * - Stratford - We are interested in the roles of microRNAs in embryonic stem (ES) cells and during the early development of the mouse. Specifically, we are applying biochemical and mouse model approaches to elucidate the functions of miR-290-295 / miR-371-373 which appear to be ES cell and early embryo specific. Email: houbavhr@umdnj.edu

Deborah, A. Lazzarino, Ph.D. * - Newark - Research studies in stem cell biology of the mammary gland in both normal and oncogenic development.

Steven W Levison, Ph.D. * - Newark - The goal of Dr. Levisonís research is to enhance regeneration of the CNS from its resident stem cells and to understand the impact of neuroinflammation using cell culture and animal models of multiple sclerosis, neonatal hypoxia ischemia, traumatic brain injury and stroke.

Biagio Saitto, Ph.D. * - Stratford - Our research program is focused on understanding molecular mechanisms involved in cell lineage differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated from human cord blood. Using these adult stem cells, we are developing tissue-specific bioscaffolds for models of muscle injury repair. Email: saittabi@umdnj.edu

Lizhao Wu, Ph.D. * - Newark - We use a combination of molecular, cellular, and genetic approaches to identify key molecules that are important for cancer. Both cell culture systems and mouse models are used to delineate various tumor suppressor/oncogenic pathways in the hematopoietic system, prostate gland, and mammary gland.

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