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Kenneth J. Breslauer, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Characterization of the molecular interactions that control biopolymer structure and stability, drug-binding affinity and specificity, relating biophysical properties to biological function, correlating structure and energetics.

Monica, A. Driscoll, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Our lab uses the facile C. elegans model system to investigate molecular and genetic mechanisms of necrotic cell death, aging and mechanical signalling.

Abram Gabriel, M.D. * - Piscataway - My laboratory focuses on the study of mechanisms and consequences of retrotransposon reverse transcription.

Helene Z. Hill, Ph.D. * - Newark - The bystander effect involves translocation of a death signal between irradiated cells and unexposed neighboring cells. We measure and analyze mutations in these neighboring cells, as well as quantitating DNA damage using the comet assay. Radioisotopes.

M. Zafri Humayun, Ph.D. * - Newark - We study mechanisms of genetic variability in Escherichia coli and in the pathogen Helicobacter pylori. We have recently defined two novel transient mutator pathways termed UVM and TSM pathways. The TSM pathway reveals unanticipated links among translation, DNA replication and recombination. Antibiotics, helicase.

Neerja Kaushik-Basu, Ph.D. * - Newark - My lab is studying the molecular mechanisms of Hepatitis C Virus Replication and Pathogenesis with specific reference to its non-structural protein NS5B and its RNA. In addition, we are studying the structure-function inter-relation of the SARS virus replicase.

Muriel W. Lambert, Ph.D. * - Newark - Research is ongoing on DNA repair mechanisms, in particular in cells from patients with genetic diseases with repair defects. The genes and proteins involved are being studied as is the interaction of these proteins with damaged DNA and damaged chromatin.

Susan Muller-Weeks, Ph.D. * - Stratford - Research in the laboratory focuses on the repair of uracil in DNA, which is critical for the maintenance of genomic integrity. Specifically we are elucidating transcriptional and post-translational pathways that regulate expression of uracil-DNA glycosylase under normal cellular conditions and in response to anti-tumor agents. Email: muller@umdnj.edu

Lynn S. Ripley, Ph.D. * - Newark - Studies in the lab focus on frameshift mutagenesis mechanisms, especially how enzymes go wrong. Special emphasis is on spontaneous mutations in vitro, in model prokaryotic systems and the mutations responsible for human disease (both germline and somatic).

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