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GSBS Research Topics: GENE THERAPY

Kenneth J. Breslauer, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Characterization of the molecular interactions that control biopolymer structure and stability, drug-binding affinity and specificity, relating biophysical properties to biological function, correlating structure and energetics.

Joseph P. Dougherty, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Retroviral replication and the design and use of retroviral vectors for somatic cell gene therapy, studies of retroviral mutation using retroviral vectors and packaging cells, and murine model for somatic cell gene therapy.

Jeremy Francis, Ph.D * - Stratford - Our research seeks to determine pathogenic mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases in an effort to identify avenues of therapeutic intervention. Gene and cell-based therapies are used in animal models of disease to create a foundation for possible clinical application. Email: francijs@umdnj.edu

Gary, S. Goldberg, Ph.D. - Stratford - Cells must communicate with each other to coordinate the development and survival of an animal. This communication can be mediated by diffusible factors that pass between cells, or by direct contact through cell junctions. I am interested in how intercellular communication affects cell growth and differentiation, with an emphasis on how cell communication can control tumor cell growth and prevent eye diseases. Email: gary.goldberg@umdnj.edu

Lisa Huang, Ph.D. * - Stratford - My current research focuses on the identification of cancer biomarkers in the diagnosis and monitoring of cervical cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. Another of my research focuses on studying the mechanisms of DNA repair and drug resistance in bladder cancer and prostate cancer. These researches aid to assist in novel drug discovery. Email: lhuang@mdlab.com

Edmund C. Lattime, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Our laboratory studies tumor immunology and immunologically based gene therapy based on modulating immune mechanisms active at the tumor-host interface. We study immune mechanisms in both murine and human systems. Clinical trials focus on genetically based vaccine strategies.

Paola Leone, Ph.D * - Stratford - My research focus is to characterize neuropathological pathways underlying the degenerative processes associated with pediatric leukodystrophies, such as Canavan Disease, and test in vitro and in vivo novel pharmacological and stem cell applications for the development of a therapy for this disease and other leukodystrophies. Email: leonepa@umdnj.edu

Carlos A. Molina, Ph.D. * - Newark - We are interested in the regulation of gene expression during the cell cycle by the tumor suppressor and transcriptional repressor, Inducible cAMP Early Repressor (ICER). Circadian rhythm.

Sidney Pestka, M.D. * - Piscataway - Research involves the cloning of interferons and their receptors, and the development of new strategies for the treatment of viral diseases and cancers. The studies involve interferon and cell surface receptors and revolve around genetic engineering, protein biochemistry, signal transduction, immunology and gene therapy.

Pranela Rameshwar, * - Newark - Hematopoiesis: homeostasis vs. dysfunction

Danny Reinberg, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Understanding the mechanisms by which genes are turned on and off in normal cells as well as in transformed cells.

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