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Bharat Biswal, Ph.D. - Newark - Medical imaging including Magnetic Resonnce Imaging (MRI) and Functional MRI, and Laser Doppler Imging. Primarily interest is in devlopment of signal/image processing techniques to better understand the signal measured and increase its application for use in basic science and clinical application.

David, J. Foran, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Research focuses on statistical pattern recognition, evolutionary computing, data fusion and intelligent databases as they relate to automated image interpretation, computer-assisted diagnosis, and bioinformatics.

Joachim B. Kohn, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Tissue engineering and biomaterials science design and synthesis with structurally new biodegradable polymers from naturally occurring metabolites. Using combinatorial methods of polymer design, materials can be tailored for specific medical applications. The work is highly inerdisciplinary.

Viji Santhakumar, Ph.D. * - Newark - We study the role of inhibitory circuit plasticity and innate immune response modulation in brain injury and epilepsy using electrophysiological, molecular and computational modeling approaches.

John L. Semmlow, Ph.D. * - Piscataway - Physiological motor control using methods of systems engineering. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of brain to elucidate neural control of eye movements. High resolution magnetic resonance imaging of the eye to investigage age-releted changes leading to presbyopia.

Richard J. Servatius, Ph.D. * - Newark - Effects of environmental factors -- especially stress -- on learning and memory. Understanding adaptation through behavioral neuroscience techniques in humans and nonhuman mammals.

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