Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Alumni Association

Minutes – Summary of Conference call, 2/15/01

  1. Website
    • add Constitution and Bylaws to site
    • “personal information” section should be modified to allow e-mail updates
    • possibly use a Listserv
    • add opportunities to recruit on site
    • Message from the president on front page
  2. Distiguished alumni award
    • form committee
    • Chair:  Dr. Alexander Cole
    • Members:  tbd
    • Special Service award for Dr. Willie Mae Coram
    • April 15th deadline to submit name to Dr. Brezenoff and Ms. Downing
    • Precommencement dinner:  May 22, 2001
  3. Upcoming meetings
  4. Dr. McLeod would like to relinquish presidency
  5. For next meeting:  How can we revive the Alumni Association?